Hey all, welcome to today’s blog post!

No news regarding my hand, except maybe that it got a little worse. It’s kinda hard to rest your hand with three little ones around, you know, but I’m still very confident that it will soon go back to normal.

As promised, I want to show you some yarns I got here. I had actually planned so do some swatches, but well, my hand. I do think the photos of the yarn alone will be enough to make you want to get your hands on this, though.

I’m talking about Julie Asselin, a young dyer from Canada, who is currently rocking the fiber world with her colorful creations.

Julie Asselin

All her yarn is sourced in New Zealand and the USA, spun in North America and dyed by Julie herself. She puts a clear focus on offering the best quality yarn, and does everything to ensure you’ll receive a product you’ll love.

Speaking for me – I absolutely DO love this!

Here’s her Fino, a heavenly soft blend of Merino, Cashmere and Silk.

Julie Asselin Fino


And Fino Simple, the same blend, but single-plied (oh, how I love these single-plied yarns! And this color!)

Julie Asselin Fino Simple


The picture above is already a couple of weeks old and shows the beginning of a shawl I’m doing in collaboration with Julie. It’s such a joy to knit this yarn up and I’m looking forward to being able to knit again to get back to this beauty!

Also, if you take a closer look, you can see all the glorious fuzziness of Fino Simple.

Julie Asselin Fino Simple


Have I gotten you interested in Julie’s work yet? Check out her blog or hope over to Ravelry and take a look at all her yarns. While you’re at it, browse the project lists and enjoy a true color explosion. 🙂

Julie Asselin

Thanks so much, Julie, for the chance to start this great collaboration!


See you all here tomorrow for another post – maybe the last one before we’re leaving for our little trip to France! (Or simply keep your fingers crossed that we got wifi there!)