Thank you so much everyone for your good wishes! My hand still kinda sucks today, but with almost two weeks of no knitting ahead, I’m sure it will mend eventually.

As promised, I’ll do a couple of blog posts instead. There are quite a few in the queue, some ideas waiting to be clothed in words, some new designs I want to show you, some new yarns I simply have to share with you and other things, so check back every day for something new.


Starting today with a sweet lil’ summer shawl I did for Quince & Co. as part of their annual shawl week.

Love & Lemons

Love & Lemons is designed for Piper, a heavenly soft Mohair blend, sourced from Texas, which is worth mentioning because the Texan heat has an effect on the fiber. If you’re interested in the whole story: Pam Allen has done a really informative blog post on the history of Texan fiber sourcing. Find it here.

So why is Love & Lemons so special? Because it takes full advantage of both, Piper’s softness and airiness, to create a breezy and light summer shawl that’ll hug your shoulders. At the same time, it’s as easy to knit as a piece of cake – your thoughts can freely wander as you progress, once you’ve made yourself familiar with the rhythm of this design.

And why the name – Love & Lemons? Because I loved this yarn as soon as I saw it, and the colorway, actually Amarillo, reminded me of lemons.

Quince & Co. Piper

(See? Dye lot #001. How cool is that?!)


Love & Lemons is available on Ravelry for 6 USD. And as always – if you cast on, make sure to share your progress in my group! We’d love to see how you come along!

Love & Lemons


See you here tomorrow with something we all love to talk about: Yarn! 🙂