Hey all, today only a brief post, because we’re prepping for leaving! We’ll be going to France for a week, and wow, I’m so looking forward to this!

But of course, this means there are tons of laundry to do up front, a million things to shop for, and as if that wouldn’t be enough, we’ve had builders in the house the whole day. No news from the thumb front, though. (Although – maybe it got a wee bit better?! I’m not sure.)

Anyway – let’s do some knitting content!

I’d love to show you a new design of mine that was published in a special edition of Interweave – the Enchanted Knits 2014 collection. Into the Magic Forest – a little aside from my usual path, but a project I’ve loved from A to Z.

Into the Magic Forest

If you follow this blog already longer, you know that I have made baby blankets for all my three children, and I enjoyed knitting every single one of them. Just like a pregnancy, knitting a blanket takes time. So many hours to spend, hands busy and thoughts wandering off to the new baby that is soon to arrive, weaving good wishes and blessings into the fabric.

Our youngest child, a girl, got a circular baby blanket because I just wanted to try out something different, and I was so surprised how very handy this blanket came in. It had just the right size, there were no corners to tuck in anywhere, and the round shape had something very harmonic and peaceful about it. Throughout my daughter’s first year the blanket was a constant companion, keeping her warm and safe, and later the kids used it as a small picnic blanket. So when I came up with this design, it clearly had to be a circular blanket as well, and I just loved the idea of little owls sitting next to each other, guarding the newborn as you bespell your little nocturnal sweetie to sleep.

(And isn’t that a cutie on the photo? It’s my neighbor’s youngest son Max and we did that photo when he so tiny that he easily found place in this small basket. Now he’s already a year old and carries that basket around…)


Here’s the cover of the Enchanted Knits magazine. Click to see the entire collection on Ravelry and browse all the other fairy-tale inspired designs!

Enchanted Knits