Hey – it’s been a while since I posted last. That’s because I was really busy, working on something big. 🙂

And today I’m super excited to tell you that Texture is the new black, my latest collection, has finally gone live!

Texture is the new black

This is a collaboration with Malabrigo as one of their freelance pattern projects, and I couldn’t be more happy with the entire project. I enjoyed this from A to Z – from spending the first days thinking about yarn and color choices to receiving the yarn in the mail (THAT was awesome!), to slowly starting to knit through all five projects, writing the patterns, sharing them with my tech editor and my test knitters to finally, finally getting them out in the knitting world!

This has been a long process – when I last checked my emails to find out when Malabrigo and I were in touch because of this for the first time, I gasped in astonishment when I noticed that was more than a year ago! Yes, all things knit meander slowly…

Are you following me on Instagram? I enjoyed giving little sneak peeks from time to time – here’s a round-up:

Sneak Peeks

So – what is this collection actually? It’s all about texture! Five classic knits for every occasion: A pullover, a cardigan, a big shawl and a set of mitts and a hat, all focussing on the beautiful surface of knit fabric and its many variations.

Threshold is a modern drop-shoulder sweater, standing at the doorway between textured and smooth. The front features a subtle criss-cross design, which also graces the cuffs, and the drop-shoulder construction and boxy cut (you’ve just a hint of waist shaping) make for a simple pattern to follow.


Earthy textures combine with glimmering gold highlights in Sunwalker, a subtle asymmetrical shawl. A pebbly seed stitch forms the body, with a swath of lace arching across the lower section of the shawl, and finishing with a clean I-cord edge.


The simply elegant construction of Risen makes this topdown, seamless cardigan a breeze to knit and a classic in the closet. It’s edged with a pebbly textured neckband, which is worked along with the body to eliminate the need to pick up stitches. The three-quarter sleeves and hem are finished with just a kiss of cabling, and there’s a touch of waist shaping for a flattering fit.


Playful stitches twist and twine through Qwist Mitts, a cozy fingerless knit with a mischievous texture. The diagonal weave pattern creates both interest and an extra bit of warmth, while a mock cable runs the length to frame the thumb gusset. Twisted (or, shall we say “qwisted”?) ribbing at the openings keeps them snugly in place. Silky-soft Malabrigo Finito is a treat for chilly hands.

Qwist Mitts

Cozy yet lightweight, the Qwist Hat is knit with a diagonal stitch pattern that creates warmth without bulk – perfect for those bright fall days when evenings come with an edge of chill. “Qwisted” mock cables run up from the hem, while twisted ribbing makes for a stretchy brim with sharp definition.

Qwist Hat

It’s a wonderful feeling seeing all these five projects finished, and even more: Seeing them all sing the same song! When I first started thinking about this collection, I knew the approximate direction I wanted to go into, but I was far from knowing all the details. Watching this all come together is priceless!

Another thing I truly love about this collection is how it connects me with some of the best friends I’ve made on Ravelry – women from all over the world. I’ve not met most of them in person, but I truly consider them as friends, and as wonderful people. They all walked some part of the way together with me, helping me with their valuable input, with their detailed feedback, with hints and suggestions and with their experience in knitting.

The wonderful Heli has been my tech editor for all five patterns – lending me her brain when my own failed. 🙂

My dear friend Cara was ready to test Sunwalker, and to bear my constant swearing about this pattern as I was fighting with the lace section.

Alyssa has been testing both, Threshold and Risen, and she did a most fabulous job on both!

My friend Jill has already tested many of my patterns, and I was super glad to have her on board for Risen. She’s such an experienced knitter and could easily sail through this pattern – even though it was not yet even finished when she began! (Right – we had some time pressure, that’s why Jill started knitting Risen when I was still working on the pattern… boy, this woman is brave!)

And last but not least, my friend Laura used her precious Malabrigo yarn to knit up two beautiful samples of the Qwist Mitts and Hat. And for getting photos of the finished objects, she wrapped herself in a large, woolen shawl and put them both on – at more than 90°F / 32°C! That was heroic! 🙂

Thanks so much, dear ladies! ♥

So, what’s left for me to say? Oh yeah – there’s a KAL for all five pieces going on in my Ravelry group right now! Come and join in – I’d love to see your projects come to life!