I got so many wonderful comments on Ravelry for my Nangou shawl that I decided to shorten everyone’s waiting time a little bit. ♥


The pattern is available for pre-order sale on Ravelry from now on until May the 22nd, which means that you’ll be able to purchase it for 2.90 EUR instead of 3.90 EUR. On purchase you’ll find page 1 and 2 of the pattern in your library right now, including all information you need concerning yardage, gauge, needles and size so you can start swatching right away. On 22nd of May the pattern will go live and everyone who bought it early on will find an update with the entire pattern in their ravelry library. (Obviously you have to make sure you’re logged in to your Ravelry account before purchase!)

But enough of that now – let me rather tell you a little about the shawl.

It all started with an idea that I almost discarded in the same second. A garter stitch shawl, ok. Two-colored, fine. Eyelets and asymmetry. Hm, let’s make a sketch first…

Nangou sketchI really liked the look of it, but I was a little afraid that the shawl would simply be too… simple. Would anyone at all like a design like this? Isn’t it too boring, too easy to knit? That was the point of time when I almost crumpled the paper and threw it away, altogether with the idea.

I thought about it for some days, but finally I made a decision. I don’t design because I want to create something complicated that only skilled people can make. I design because I want to create beauty, that should be my first aim. If this involves complicated techniques and patience that’s fine. If not – fine too!

I just went for it and started swatching right away…

Nangou swatch

Isn’t that a cute little swatch? Actually, the final version of the shawl is different in almost all aspects, but it was good and important to see the idea come to life. I swatched in lace yarn, not in fingering, I worked the eyelet rows in stockinette and not in garter stitch, the colors are different and I think the rate of increases, too. But I could capture my original idea and I noticed: I really liked this design! Yes, it’s simple, but it’s terribly awesome at the same time.

I started looking for the perfect yarn for this pattern and soon I decided to use Shibui Staccato. An adorable blend of merino and silk. It has a wonderful sheen and lovely drape, and it was a pleasure to knit and wear. It is so important that pattern and yarn work together in a harmonic way, and here both are just perfect together!

I was so glad when my yarn support finally arrived here and I could cast on. (Thank you so much for that, Shibui!) I knitted the shawl in about a week, I think, it was just so much fun. I simply couldn’t put the needles aside.

Since then I hardly took it off anymore. The weather here in Germany is… well. Something between fall and spring? Grey skies, lots of rain, but at least there are no minus degrees anymore. Not so great, really, but just perfect for wearing a silky, drapey shawl like Nangou.


I really love the way it turned out. It’s elegant, but it’s casual enough for everyday wear, and the neutral colors make it combinable with almost every piece of my wardrobe.

All in all, it was a very satisfying workflow for me and I’m so happy I made the decision pro simplicity in the beginning!

But enough said – it’s getting late and I hear my bed calling me. I really hope I didn’t bore you with this whole story and that you like my little Nangou! ♥