I thought it would be nice to start a new series here in the blog and let you know about my latest fiber discoveries. I want to share with you things I love and I think you’d love, too. This might be yarn, or notions, needles, bags or anything else a knitter can’t live without…

So, let’s start with a small company I stumbled over on Ravelry – Sun Valley Fibers.

The woman behind Sun Valley Fibers is Jeanette, who has been a dyer for a long time now, and supporting her is her husband George, who crafts the awesome Yarn Buddies (more about these later). They are a family-run business, located on a farm nestled in the hills of southwest Wisconsin.

When I unpacked the parcel Jeanette had sent me, it was really a feeling like Christmas – in May!

Sun Valley Fiber


You know, I’m a big fan of fingering weight yarns. I think they have just the perfect thickness for pretty much anything. Shawls, sweaters, mitts, hats, baby cloths, even blankets.

I love the way a fingering yarn flows through your hands while knitting, and the kind of fabric it produces is wonderful. Now, add some luscious ingredients like silk or cashmere, and I’m all on your side!

Jeanette had sent me some skeins of her MCS-fingering base, an awesome blend of merino, cashmere and silk, and the colorways she chose are just lovely.

Sun Valley Fibers

If I weren’t working on a couple of other projects at the moment (stay tuned!), I’d cast on right away! Just imagine what endless color combinations are opening up! Or what an awesome Ashburn you could knit out of three of these! Or, if you need further inspiration, hop over and check out Ravelry’s project list for this base.

Sun Valley Fibers



75% merino, 15% cashmere and 10% silk make this yarn special in so many ways. It’s got an awesome, silky sheen, while the cashmere in it makes it soft and squishy so that you don’t want to put it down anymore. I’m so looking forward to casting on!


So, did you wonder what a Yarn Buddy is?

Here’s what Jeanette and George say about it: “Well, essentially it’s a lazy susan for your yarn cake or center-pull ball. You wind your skeins of yarn into a center-pull ball and you place the yarn cake on top of the wooden stake.  As you crochet, knit, weave or crank on your circular sock machine, pulling the outside strand of yarn, the yarn cake spins effortlessly as you go along.   No more chasing your yarn across the floor, rescuing it from the dog or cat!”

Yarn Buddy

I definitely know this chasing of yarn! I’m usually knitting on the sofa, surrounded by my knitting basket, my sketching tools, my notebook, yarn and even more yarn, and it happens permanently that my working yarn gets stuck somewhere between all this. It’s so handy to have it in a fix position on the Yarn Buddy.

The pulling itself works really effortlessly, as there’s a ball bearing underneath. (Pretty much the same construction as my swift has.)

Yarn Buddy

The Yarn Buddies are all hand-crafted by George, and they come in all kinds of different woods. Here’s a little more info about them.

They’re also a wonderful gift if you have a friend who’s a knitter.



So, did I get you excited? I certainly hope so!

When you think about treating yourself with some new yarn the next time, why not drop by at Jeanette’s and support her family run business? They have a large collection of permanently available colors in different bases, but also do custom orders.

Check out their website for more info.

Sun Valley Fibers