Hey all, it’s been a while, no? My last blog post was almost a year ago, and I thought it’s about time to give a sign of life here.

And I have the best reason for that right now, because I can tell you about the #knitterspayitforward initiative. Have you heard about it yet?


The results of the U.S. election have put the world under shock – and being shocked is ok. For a little while. But then it’s time to move on. It’s not the time to sit and stay paralyzed.

Everyone can make a change – some big, some small, but every change towards the better counts.

These days, my contribution to that is something that I hope will make you reach out to your friends, spread some love, turn negative energy into positive: Gift any of my self-published knitting patterns to one of your friends, and within a few hours I’ll gift the very same pattern to you, too. (To do so, use the “send as gift” link on Ravelry.) This runs until midnight of today, Nov 13, Berlin time.

At the same time, I’ve donated 1,000 EUR to Terre des Femmes, a German non-profit women’s rights organization that focusses on supporting women who experienced domestic violence, sexual assaults, genitale mutilation or other cruelties.

Why does it take a few hours for the pattern to show up in your library? Because I have to gift each pattern manually. And many of you have taken part in this special in the past two days already, so I’ve gifted numerous patterns, and that was a fun thing to do! Did you know that as a designer, when you gift a pattern on Ravelry, a window pops up that shows the recipient’s Ravatar? And I so enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful people that I’ve sent patterns to these days! Thank you!

I’ve received many messages as well – knitters sending their thanks, telling me their stories, or the stories of the people they paid it forward to. It was so heart-warming to hear about all the good that you guys are doing out there!

The world might be cold these days, but I’m sure we can make it a warm place again. It’s up to you, it’s in your hands!