I’m so excited to announce that a very special project just went live today!

Intertwining cables and a whisper of lace edge Wintermute, a luscious semi-circular stockinette shawl that’s knit from the center out, with no need to pick up stitches.

(photos by Kristin Perers)

Susan from Loop, London and I have been plotting this project since July this year and I’m so happy that the big day has finally come today and we can bring this pattern to you.

In the beginning, there were only two skeins of yarn – but what yarn! Kismet Fiber Works Refuge is one of the most luscious fibers I’ve ever worked with. It’s not only soft – it’s heavenly. It hugs you and cherishes you, and the beautiful colors Angie and Stephanie have dyed up are a pure pleasure to look at. This is not an everyday yarn, nothing to use thoughtless. It’s a very special treat and it makes Wintermute the perfect accessory to bring a touch of glamour to your outfit.


Wintermute is worked from the top down, with a main part in stockinette stitch that allows the subtle hand dyed variation of the yarn to shine in all its beauty. The cabled border is then worked across – but you don’t have to pick up any stitches. (If you’re like me, picking up stitches is none of your favorite tasks…) Instead, the cable panel is worked straight onto the live stitches, and a playful double yarn over adds a hint of lace to the edging.

Wintermute is available for download from Ravelry in English and German, and if you’re living close to Loop, London, you can also drop in there to get your copy. (That way you could also get your hands on Refuge and enjoy all the beautiful color variations they have in stock!)

Oh, and I think I haven’t mentioned this before: I’ll come to Loop in January to teach a couple of workshops! There are still some spots open for my Colourwork Shawls Class on Sunday, Jan 11, so if you’d like to enhance your colorwork skills and knit up a mini version of one of my shawls, sign up today!

In the meantime, I’m excited to see some beautiful Wintermute FOs come to be! Share your progress with us in my group on Ravelry – we all love seeing what you’re up to! ♥