I was thrilled when I heard that Kristin Ford was starting up a new yarn company, and when I first got my hands on some Woolfolk yarn, I was smitten.

If you’re following me for a while already, you know how deeply I love neutral colorways, and the ones I had in Tynd, the fingering weight yarn, really spoke to me. Add a softness that you only know from cashmere – and voilà, there you have a yarn you want to knit with all the time.

(But there’s no cashmere in Woolfolk. It’s all Merino – read more about the story behind this all here.)

So – what to do with these wonderful shades I held in hand? A shawl of course! Ropedance

I wanted something that really did the yarn justice. Something that carries a certain kind of beauty. Not too loud, not too funky. Rather something subtle, something that’ll hug and warm you and that’ll make you feel, well, better.

Starting out from this idea of elegance I had, my thoughts were quickly drawn towards dancers. Combining this with some understated stripes (aka ropes), and the idea was born.

The wonderful palette Woolfolk offers did all the rest, and I really enjoyed shifting the colors in this shawl.


Adding short rows to create little “knots” was a little detail that adds some interest to both – to the finished shawl as well as to the process of knitting it.

A sideways triangle – my very favorite shawl shape for its wearability – does the rest to make Ropedance a sure staple in my wardrobe.

As the weather in Germany is currently really not very kind, I’m wearing my Ropedance constantly and I just love how well it goes together with so many things in my wardrobe. (And, surprisingly, it’s a perfect match with my antique pink leather jacket!)

Did I get you excited a bit about Ropedance and Woolfolk?

We’re just starting a knit-along (KAL) for Ropedance in my Ravelry group. Hop on board for some great company on the way, and for lots of inspiration.

Hope to see you there!