After crazily trying to finish Tau




… I’m now a knitting invalid.

Yeah, I’m super happy with how the cardigan turned out, but it seems I overdid it. My left thumb is hurting for two weeks now and it’s not getting any better. Paid a visit to the doctor’s today, got some painkillers and now I’m officially not allowed to knit for a week. I’m really hoping it will be a lot better by then!

Wow, this feels strange. What should I do with my time if not knitting?! I got no unfinished projects and can’t swatch for new ones, which is maybe the worst thing, because I got some wonderful yarn here I’d like to try out – Julie Asselin‘s Fino and Fino Simple as well as Kismet Fiber‘s Refuge – two heavenly luxury blends, both destined to become shawls. They’re waiting for me just over there, on the shelf, and as much as I’d love to but I can’t get started right now.

And next week I won’t knit either, cos we’re going to Strassbourg to spend some time with wonderful friends of ours that we don’t see very often. Looking forward to that trip, but I don’t think I’ll take any knitting with me then. Instead, it will be just the kids, our friends and us in a (hopefully) lovely little house and with (hopefully) the most wonderful holiday weather one can imagine.

So folks, if I can’t knit – maybe this means I’ll do couple more blog posts in the next days? Stay tuned!


(Oh, and Tau is coming some time in late September!)




And a second “Oh”: My Ravelry group is about to hit 2.000 members and if this isn’t a reason for a great giveaway I’ve never met one…

If you didn’t join yet, hop on over now and do so, cos I won’t start the celebration before we hit that mark. 🙂