One of my major plans for this year was to get a little more organized.

You know, all the stuff I needed for my work was spread over basically the whole house. Bowls and boxes filled with yarn, notebooks and pencils, finished and unfinished objects, notions like scissors and measuring tape, and of course, more and even more yarn. Everything just everywhere, creating one big creative chaos.

But we didn’t have any free room in the house for me – until now! A couple of months ago, we finally finished our basement. We got three new rooms there now, everything’s plastered and there’s carpet and tiles on the floor. It has become a huge storage, and so we could finally move all the things we had temporarily stored under the roof down there.

And that gave me a free room under the roof…

Fiber studio


So, what would I need in my fiber studio?

First and probably most important of all – LIGHT! I was lucky, because the floor and the walls were white already, and there’s a huge window set into the roof, providing a lot of natural sunlight.

Next up – a work space! One big, white table with a lot of room to have my ballwinder, my sketching equipment (love all these glasses filled with pencils and markers!) and all my sundries. A neat hanger at the side wall for a couple of my shawls.

My fiber studio


I had thought about getting a table with integrated drawers below, but I couldn’t find any I liked, and then I decided to just go with a very plain table. I liked the openness it provides, and I can always store things in the shelves next to it.

My fiber studio

My yarn is safely stored in chests, and one of them is now holding my wooden swift.

My fiber studio


There’s so much room now to store all kinds of stuff! I don’t have to force everything to fit into way too small boxes – I can actually display some beauties (like Kestrel and Sparrow!)

My fiber studio


And it’s just wonderful to have a quiet place in the house, too. With three little kids around it comes in pretty handy to have the opportunity to take a couple of minutes off.

My fiber studio


Oh, and of course, there’s a place for knitting also – a big and comfy couch!

My fiber studio


Now, if you wonder where I got all these things – 90% of them are coming straight from a certain, swedish furniture store…

I really like their concept of making rooms look tidy by storing everything away in boxes. There’s not a lot of stuff visible, which comes in handy especially for a knitwear designer who has TONS of stuff around, like the afore mentioned pencils, notebooks, needles, blocking wires, yarn, scissors, pins and notions, books, magazines and all other kind of things.

Everything is in reach, while the room itself is still looking bright and clean.

And when I got some minutes, I can just lay down on the couch, with eyes open, looking through the big window and following the clouds. Yes, this sounds a bit kitschy, but it’s awesome.

All in all a great place. One that allows your creativity to freely wander around and explore.

A dream coming true for me, and something I’m immensely grateful for!