Do you remember my post about the knit-along (KAL) for Kir Royale and Dark Champagne a couple of weeks ago?

Well, the first finished shawls have already been posted and I just have to show you a couple of them!

One of the first completed shawls was Ania’s Kir Royale (you can find Ania on Ravelry as AniaBKnits). When I first spotted this photo I could hardly believe that this is actually a Kir Royale – it looked so different on that picture than my own version!

Ania's Kir Royale

But oh, these wavy lines, that amazing drape you can guess from the photo, and this subtle and noble color – I am in love!

Ania used Avery Sport by Sweet Fiber Yarns, a silk/merino blend quite similar to the yarn used for my own sample, and yet another proof that this design works beautifully in silk.


Are you ready for another beauty? Have a look at Cara’s Kir Royale (find Cara on Ravelry as caramora):

Cara's Kir Royale

Malabrigo Silky Merino and a fabulous color choice make this shawl an attraction. Cara had the idea to work her project in a DK yarn rather than a sport weight, and as it turned out, that idea was perfect for some extra coziness and squishyness. Also, I just adore this color. It makes me think of mirabelles with a lot of cream, sitting at a neatly layed table, maybe under a cherry tree, maybe with your feet up on a second chair, maybe even with a straw hat, but most definitely with a white, dotted summer dress…

Whoops, I was digressing…


Another beautiful finished object you gotta see is Dorothea’s Kir Royale Down Under (find Dorothea on Ravelry as dorotheac).

I really love this photo for its soft palette that reminds me of spring and all the common lilac trees that we got around here. And isn’t this a wonderful way to wear that shawl? It has such a feel of elegance and lightness about it!

Dorothea's Kir Royale

Dorothea used Zauberwiese Possum Lace for her shawl, a wonderful drapy lightweight yarn that’s adding the final touch to this piece.


Thank you so much, Ania, Cara and Dorothea, for allowing me to show your photos here on the blog and for filling the knit-along with your creative ideas!

Now, did I get you excited to cast on your own Kir Royale? If so, come on over to my Ravelry group and hop on board for the KAL! It’s still running until May 17 – that’s just about the perfect time to finish a small shawl like this.

Also, it’s just wonderful to see with what fabulous yarn and color choices everyone is coming up with, and the kind and encouraging spirit in this KAL is amazing. I can’t wait to see you there!

(And maybe you’ve noticed that although this is a KAL for both patterns, Kir Royale and Dark Champagne, I’ve only showed photos of the first one here? There’s gonna be another blog post in a couple of days showing my favorite Dark Champagne projects so far. Stay tuned!)

Dark Champagne