It’s my thirty-fourth birthday today, and it’s been lovely so far. A lot of good wishes have reached me (thank you, everyone! ♥), and we had a lots of family here for coffee and cake in the afternoon. I can’t help but feel blessed and happy.

My last year has been a very fulfilling one. A lot of big events took place, a lot of changes in my life. And I published a lot of designs!

mairlynd designs

Seeing them all gathered in one place leaves me a bit speechless. So many stitches, so many written lines of instructions, so much time spent creating these beauties!

I can’t tell which one is my favorite, but I can definitely name the ones I learned most from. Otherside has been my very first garment design – a plain and simple boxy tee, but stylish nonetheless. Its simplicity was a great way to enter the field of garment construction and grading. Tar taught me how raglan shaping works, and with Transmute I mastered shortrow neck shaping for a perfect shoulder fit. Zeitgeist is an upcoming release, my first cardigan, and next on the list is a sweater that’s constructed with seamless set-in sleeves.

There have also been quite some shawl releases! Ashburn and Nangou have been the most popular ones, and I’m immensely grateful for the response these two have gotten in the knitting world. And each time I see a new project pop up on Ravelry I’m amazed and speechless – so many wonderful finished objects!

In the last year, I’ve also had the chance to work together with amazing publishers all over the globe. Collaborating with amirisu has been a very special pleasure for me and I feel honored to be part of this awesome knitting magazine. I also consider myself very lucky that I could contribute to Quince & Co.’s Scarves, Etc. 2014 – that’s definitely been a personal highlight!

And all of this wouldn’t have been possible without all the amazing people I’ve met – both personal and online. In no particular order, and probably I forgot half of them, but thank you so much, Sarah, Kristin, Jana, Antonia, Michaela, Maike, Stacey, Kate, Patti & Mitch, Pam, Jerusha, Meri, Tokuko, Hiromi, Amy, Alex, Juliane, Daniela, Martina, Isabell, Christina, Tina, Julia, Jessie, Rosy & Patrick, Julie, Polly, Ruth, Simone, Cara, Heli and all the awesome women in my Ravelry group. You all are truly enrichening my life!