When I was working on my Waterscape last winter, I had no idea that it would be such a chameleonic pattern. But now the first finished projects are starting to pop up on Ravelry, and I simply have to show two of them to you. They’re so different – you wouldn’t even guess it’s the same pattern! But it is.

Let’s start with some color first! This is Sarah’s Waterscape, a joyful play of all the different shades of the gorgeousness Plucky is offering:

Sarah's Waterscape


When I saw the first wip shots of this on Ravelry I was instantly blown away by this. As you might know, I’m a sucker for greys – I always seem to be coming back to them! Throw in some contrasting stripes… voilà!

Did you notice how Sarah worked the ruffled edge in the main color, different than the pattern tells? With all these multi-colored stripes, I think this was a stroke of genius.

Sarah's Waterscape


If you’re not a color-girl, but fall for the neutrals, check out Christina’s Waterscape:

Christina's Waterscape

Isn’t that a stunning piece? I’ve been amazed with it ever since I saw it first!

Christina has already knitted many of my patterns, and I love the way she adds small tweaks and changes to them, giving each object a very personal touch.

This time, she used garter stitch with color changes in every row for the large areas inbetween the stripes, and I just love that effect. She also didn’t do the ruffles, which I find very appropiate. The garter sections have a pretty “busy” look, so the ruffles would probably have been “too much of it”.

Christina's Waterscape


Thank you, Sarah and Christina, for allowing me to show your projects here on the blog!

With all this woolen awesomeness right in front of your eyes – don’t you feel like casting on for a Waterscape yourself? If so, drop by at the Quince & Co. Ravelry Group! Jerusha is hosting a KAL there for all the designs of this year’s Scarves Collection. And if you’re still missing the right Quince yarn in your stash – they ship worldwide, and very quickly. Time enough to join the KAL and finish your piece!