Yeah, I finished my sweet, lil’ spring cardigan!


And I’m super happy with the way it turned out!

I finished it just in time for the first days of spring. When I took this photo, we had 20°C outside and the sun was pouring bright, warm light over the surroundings. Still a bit too cold for wearing a short-sleeved summer dress, but just perfect with a light, woolen cardigan to snuggle up to.

I really like the shaping of this piece, too. I used short rows for the neck and a very flattering A-Line shape for the body. Both easy to do, but with a great effect.

The lower hem and the cuffs are decorated with a wide band of beautiful stitching, and a clean folded hem finishes the front. I-cord bind off adds a pretty, tailored finish.

As you see, I decided to let go of the pockets. I actually planned to have both fronts grow wider to the bottom and then fold them outwards to form the pockets, but as I went, it didn’t feel right anymore. But isn’t it just looking lovely, even without pockets?!


Do you like to test knit this design for me? I’m currently looking for a couple of knitters to try this pattern out before it goes live, and I’m aiming for a pattern release around Mid April. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to be notified by then!


I’ll now get my things packed and on Friday morning, I’ll head over to the h+h in Cologne, wearing my sweet, lil’ spring cardigan. ♥