This has been so long in the making, and I’m very glad to announce that Waterscape has been released.

Waterscape is one of the two shawls (the other is Ashburn) I’ve been wearing all winter. And with all winter, I really mean every day. I’m so in love with this elongated shape, this touch of asymmetry and the generous size that allows to wrap this shawl around your neck again and again and again… making you look better each time!

Also, don’t you love a simple garter stitch shawl from time to time? One that allows your thoughts to travel while knitting? And just when you feel it’s been enough garter stitch for now, some subtle slipped stitch color-work will start, drawing your attention back to the work in your hands. Yes, Waterscape is a kind and rewarding knit, one that gently hugs you, and one that results in a piece you’ll love and cherish.

I’ve surely mentioned this before – I love two-colored knits. I love the promise in the beginning, when you think and re-think your color choices, pairing these two skeins, then the other two… maybe ask a friend for help, or drag out a couple of pieces from your wardrobe to find out what goes good together with them. Now, Waterscape is worked in Quince & Co. Finch, a fingering-weight with the slightest of halos. It’s soft to the touch, yet its neatly twisted plies give it a smooth, tailored finish that’s sturdy and hardwearing, and it comes in a subtle and beautiful palette.

Do you need some help with your yarn and color choice? Have a look at the small but lovely project list on Ravelry. There’s even a multicolored version that shows how easily this pattern transforms into a funky, colorful adventure.

Waterscape is included in this year’s Quince & Co. Scarves, etc. 2014 collection, a beautiful compilation of neckwear accessories, and I feel honored and excited to be part of this.

Scarves, etc. 2014

Photos by Carrie Bostick Hoge