Isn’t this cardigan just shouting “SPRING!” at you?!



A light breeze in the air, run bare feet for the first time this year, sit outside on the stairs drinking a coffee, and – most important of all – dig those light dresses out that you stashed away for winter!

I so love how this is coming along, and really, I can’t wait to see it finished.

As you can see, I decided on a textured stitch pattern for the lower hem. In fact, it’s the same I used for Dark Champagne – an easy to knit yet stunningly beautiful stitch that provides a great amount of interest, but stays classy and elegant at the same time. It’s just as easy knitting this flat as in the round, so I’ll be using the same for both sleeve hems, too.

Speaking of sleeves – I just started the third skein of Malabrigo Sock, and I’m having four altogether. So I can really make the sleeves as long as I feel like. Currently, I think they’re either going to become 3/4 sleeves or extra long ones that cover the palms of the hands. But as this design is so strongly connected to spring and awakening and temperatures rising, I might go for the shorter ones.

I really hope to finish this design within the next two weeks. I’ve been a good girl and have completely graded the pattern as I went along, so the moment I’ll be casting off the last stitch will be the very same moment I’ll be sending the pattern out to be tech edited. But I have a couple of other deadlines ahead, so it might happen that I’ll have to put the cardigan down for a while to take care on other things first.