When my friend Michaela visited us a short time ago, she brought some skeins of her wonderful, hand-dyed yarns and asked me to design “something” with them. Well, holding this wonderful yarn in my hands – how could I not agree?!

Wollfaktor Luna is a merino/silk blend that has an amazing drape and sheen to it. Michaela is dying it in small charges and each colorway is unique.

The two she gave me gave were so rich, so deep, and instantly two names came to my mind: Dark Champagne & Kir Royale, and I knew they just had to become a set of shawls!

Which one are you up to?

Kir Royale, with its bright and heady spirit? The slipped garter stitch pattern creates a delectable texture in the body, edged by a wide cable that seems to gently fold in on itself. A generous ribbed trim flares from the bottom. It’s a beautiful showcase for variegated yarns and a treat both to knit and wear.

Kir Royale

Or Dark Champagne?  This shawl blends texture with cables, and sophistication with fun. The smooth crescent shape drapes beautifully over the shoulders, and when knit in a sublime merino/silk blend like Luna from Wollfaktor it will wrap you in a warm, fuzzy glow. The subtly-textured body is edged by a dramatic combination of cables and picots, creating a piece that will add a splash of elegance to most any outfit.

Dark Champagne

Have a closer look at the texture and cable details. Isn’t it just amazing what one can do with a simple thing as a thread of yarn?!

Dark Champagne

Both patterns are now available on Ravelry for 4.40 EUR each, but if you purchase both at the same time, 2 EUR will automatically be deducted on checkout.