Everyone who told me it’s gonna take ages to knit up a cardigan in sock yarn on small needles: Eat this!

Ok, from the photo you can easily tell the cardigan is not yet finished, but I’m done with the raglan increases, which means rows will only get shorter now.

It’s not good to see on the photo, but I just love the way the neckline turned out. It  has this slightly angular look, and I love the clear and defined lines.

Next up, I’m gonna separate the sleeves from the body and then work my way down. I’m not yet quite sure about the shaping, but currently, I have a tendency towards a charming and flattering A-Line shape, which means I won’t work any decreases for the waist. I’m intending to wear this cardigan with a very wide balloon skirt I just bought myself, and I think it will look beautifully when draping around the shape of the skirt. We’ll see!