Maybe you’ve read the post about my new swift a couple of weeks ago? Well – the matching ball winder has finally arrived here, too!


Having a swift was already a huge help in this yarny house, but I knew that I wanted a ball winder, too. And of course – a wooden one! As I’ve spent a lot of time searching for a great, wooden swift, I wanted its companion to be of the same quality.


It’s actually not easy to find a wooden one at all, at least if you want to stay in an affordable price range. (I would’ve LOVED to order that vintage winder I found on Pinterest, but 500$ was much more than what I had planned to invest…)

So I’ve been super happy when I found Ylle’s blog. She’s a knitter and her husband a carpenter – isn’t that a promising combination?!

When I saw the photos of the ball winder on her site, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I placed an order and then started waiting. It was summer and summer is not a good time for a carpenter as it is way too hot for working with wood.

But a couple of days ago the ball winder finally arrived here – handcrafted, wooden and perfect! Here’s my set-up with both, ball winder and swift:


The winder comes in pieces, but it’s a matter of minutes to assemble it. I think I had my first skein wound twenty minutes after I unpacked the winder. 🙂


My kids obviously are thrilled by this set-up. The construction of swift, yarn and the ball-winder is deeply fascinating for them, and the two big ones are allowed to help me winding.


Within a matter of mintes, a skein of yarn turns into a neatly wound center-pull ball.


And look what lovely little engraving I found at the base of the ball winder. Y&T – that would be Ylle and Teet. Thank you, you two! I’m thrilled by this art- and useful piece of handicraft!