Christmas is coming – and this generally means two things for us knitters:
1. This is the time for knitting gifts for your beloved ones, but
2. time is short… so, quick and easy knits are spot-on.

And knitting in company is always better than knitting alone, no?


I’m having a KAL in my Ravelry group – if you’re in the need of some knitted gifts for friends and family, or if you simply love mitts the same way I do and want to have some company on the way, why don’t you join in?

KAL is the short way to say “Knit-ALong”, and that’s just what it’s all about: Don’t knit alone, but knit along with a lot of other people who are all knitting the same patterns. A KAL often takes place online nowadays, as this is just a great way to share photos of your knitting progress, to chat about the pattern or to get help when you’re stuck on the way. It’s also wonderful to see many different interpretations of a design come to life, because naturally, knitters will choose different kinds of yarns and colorways. That all being said – a KAL is always fun to join in!

The Mitt-Along is, of course, all about mitts! If you’re following my blog for a longer time already, you know that I truly love fingerless mitts. I love the way they spice up an otherwise boring outfit, and they come in so handy in wintertime! Also, they’re quick and fun to make, and because of that they’re a great opportunity to pick up on a new skill.

For this KAL, there are only a few couple of rules:

1. All Mairlynd designs for fingerless mitts are eligible.

2. Cast on sometime between now and the next weeks, and finish your project before Jan 13, 2014. Link your finished project to the KAL thread in my Ravelry group, and you’re eligible for winning one of the prizes. Oh yes, there are prizes!

Mitt-along prizes

3. One of you will win three wonderful skeins of UK Alpaca Super Fine in colorways Wine, Sand and Chocolate (and yes, I’m shipping it worldwide).

What makes me especially happy is that three lovely designer friends of mine have offered to give away one pattern each. Please have a look at the gorgeous designs of Jana HuckIsabell Kraemer and Magdalena Kubatek – hard to decide which patterns to choose, no!? They are all so genius!

All three designers come from Germany, which I think is lovely as well, because it’s a chance for us to show what beautiful and extraordinary design work is going on here in Good Old Germany. 🙂 Within the next days, I’ll blog some more about each of the three, to tell a bit about them and their work and to show you some of their wonderful designs.

So, did I forget anything? Ah yes! All my mitt patterns mentioned above are discounted for the entire duration of the KAL. With the coupon code ”mittalong” at checkout they’re all 20% off.

I’m super excited for this, and I hope a lot of you will join in. Mitts are so much fun to make – if you’re an old hand at this or a newbie – and the temperatures here are just right for some nice, woolen accessories!

Let’s all have some fun together! ♥