I spent the last couple of days in hospital for a surgery and just got home this Tuesday. I’m slowly but steadily recovering and every day is easier than the former one. I’m super happy that all this is lying behind me now!

It was five days in hospital, and surprisingly, they passed quickly. The first day after the procedure was the hardest, but since then, things were looking up.

I hadn’t thought I’d be able to work on any new designs while still in hospital, and I was right not to take any of them with me. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on them. But I definitely wanted to take some knitting with me, so I chose a hand-dyed, pink sock yarn. You know, I love wearing hand-knitted socks. It’s just so comfy and nothing will keep you warmer when the days get colder. The problem is – I really hate knitting socks. It feels a lot like work to me and I really don’t enjoy it at all. Apart from that, I seldom find the time to knit something “just for fun”. All of the pieces I’m knitting turn into designs.

So, this stay in hospital seemed just like the perfect opportunity to knit myself some socks, no?

And true, knitting was super helpful in these days. It was great to keep my hands and my mind busy, and it was wonderful to see my knitting grow with each round. A bit like “Hey, I can’t get up alone, but I still can knit a pair of socks! Eat this!”

While my pink socks progressed, I also enjoyed chatting with my room mate. She was a lovely old lady, and we exchanged a lot in these days, talking about our kids and families, our lives and whatsoever.

pink socks

She was full of admiration for my knitting and told me how she used to knit when she was younger. She would have loved to work on socks, but somehow she’s never been able to figure out how to do the heel.

As the day of my release from hospital approached and my pink socks were finished, I decided not to keep them for myself. I gave them to the lovely lady, to cheer her up a bit and to make her a nice memory whenever she thinks back. She’s been so happy!

So – still no socks for me, but instead the good feeling to have made a pleasure for someone. That definitely outweighs!