After a night full of sleep and a great weekend together with our friends, I finally have some time to show you another design I released recently.

Sokol MittsI’m really in love with this one. If you follow my blog already for some time, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for stylish mitts. I don’t think you can have enough of them and I really love the way you can spice up an otherwise totally boring outfit with them.

So – let me tell you a bit about my Sokol mitts.

Sokol mitts are a super quick and easy knit, and their steampunky look makes for a fall accessory that’s pretty cool and stylish.

They are worked in the round and the straps and buttons are attached later. Speaking of buttons… you can pretty much go wild with these. 🙂 I chose heavy, metal ones, but filigree and elegant ones, maybe worked with thinner yarn at a looser gauge, will change the style of these mitts completely and transform them into a more elegant and subtle piece.

Sokol Mitts

Sokol mitts have been released as a Malabrigo Quickie in Malabrigo Merino Worsted, a buttery soft and warm yarn. It’s great to work with and easy on the needles. Plus, it comes in a lot of beautiful colorways, which makes it really hard to decide which one to go with. Luckily, these mitts knit up so quickly that it’s no problem to make yourself a second pair in another color. 🙂

Again, please feel free to share your finished project in my Ravelry group!

There are still a couple of more fall patterns upcoming, so stay tuned!