Yesterday was the first day René carefully mentioned that it’s quite a lot yarn lying around everywhere in the house.

I had a look around and had to admit – he’s right.

But you know what? I think there are much worse things than yarn to have around. I do actually plan to get a studio in here with lots of white shelves for my stash and a small desk to sit down when it comes to brain work, and more shelves for all my knitting books. But until then the house will stay as it is, I guess, with small boxes of yarn in every corner and on every free place…

Did you recognize the yarn on the picture above? Well, probably not. The two cones on the right side are Shibui’s brand-new line, Pebble. A heavenly laceweight blend of 48% silk, 36% wool and 16% cashmere, And it has this wonderful heathered look and feel that makes me want to cast on right away.

The other yarn on the photo is Shibui Heichi, a worsted weight in 100% silk. I can’t even begin to tell how beautiful this yarn is. I love its feel and I enjoy winding all the skeins by hand (still no swift and no ballwinder here yet). And this color! I don’t know if it’s a greyish brown or a brownish grey, but it has the same tweedy touch like Pebble and I know that this pile of yarn will turn into an amazing garment. Can’t wait to get started with this as well. (I guess I need more knitting time. A lot of.)

Here’s a little peek in my knitting basket.


The blue and yellow balls are Cephalopod’s Skinny Bugga!, a blend of 80% Merino, 10% Nylon and 10% Cashmere. A joy to work with. I can’t really tell you more about this project yet, but I will very soon. Same goes out for the thick, light grey yarn, but I can tell you that I just casted that project off and it’s just blocking right now. (Makes me think that I should get the blocking pins out of the mattress before I go to sleep today…)

The little violet guy is just another ball of Shibui Pebble that wanted to sneak in. 🙂

And of course, there are many, many skeins of Plucky yarns in the house, adding spots of color to our greyish / beige living room.

PluckyDon’t you want to get started right away when you see these colors? I swatched a bit in the last week and I do have an idea where to go and I’m super excited.

So – as you can see, I’m busily knitting and working on a lot of new projects. What are YOU up to?