So I’m sitting here drinking a glass of red wine. The kids are in bed, René is out with a friend to see a soccer match and I’m giving the final touch to one of my latest knitting patterns.



It’s called Nangou and is made out of Shibui Knits Staccato, a yarn I’m just so happy to have discovered. It’s so soft and cozy, and it is a pleasure to knit and wear. I’m hardly taking this shawl off at the moment (and the weather is just right for wearing it. Summer’s not here yet.) Also, the people at Shibui are a bunch of super helpful and friendly guys and I’m sure this was not my last Shibui design.

Lots of other things happend in the last weeks, too. One of the most important ones: The little girl turned one! Can you believe it? It’s hard for me… doesn’t seem like a year ago when we had to leave her in hospital all alone on her first night. I’m just so happy that she’s with us now.

Unfortunately the doctors just discovered a big hole in her heart just the other day and obviously I’m thinking about this and worrying all the time now. There’s still a chance that the hole will disappear, but if not it’s gonna have to be closed in a couple of years. I’m really trying not to think about this. Everything will be fine. Keep your fingers crossed for her, will you?